Our story


The origins of the Urh brand date back to 1991.

That year a  young couple, the founders,  started writing their story.  According to them,  the beginnings  required a high level of dedication, perseverance and flexibility in the face of changing textile market. For the first years the basic activity of the company was making baby products confections, baby blankets, covers, etc ... In order to grow, the company has gradually been  adding products that are  crucial to the existence and development  of the company today.



With a wide range of decorative pillows, table-runners or slippers, every home will find a solution, or an idea to beautify or accesorize  their home ambience.

Nowadays,  seat cushions, tablecloths and aprons ensure  satisfaction of guests and are indispensable  part of home, catering and hotel establishments.

Our own trendy  pattern creations,   fabric  printed in Slovenia, and our  own  production of beach cushions is a guarantee that you will also feel comfortable  on  beach holidays.


The factors such as our  clear vision,  perseverance and adaptability on the  turbulent Slovenian market are crucial for the successful expansion of our  textile business .

The entire team of designers, tailors and salesmen has 14 full-time jobs. The pursuit of fashion guidelines, adaptation to customer preferences, and quality remain today our daily  focus!   Thank you for trusting us!



In addition to the products from our
own programs, we offer companies as
well as individuals the manifactoring
of products by client's wishes.

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