Be bold, up-to-date, creative and make sure your guests will remember  your restaurant, bar or hotel not only for good offer but also for  the ambience. Consequently, they will gladly return.

We manufacture seat and decorative cushions according to customer's wishes and dimension. We offer   a wide range  of fabrics to help create the success stories of many pubs, restaurants, bars, hotels and other places where guests’ comfort comes first. Customers can choose from many types of workmanship, qualities and thicknesses of fillers. Articles are available in different  shapes and designs, be it with strips or adhesive bands.

For an informative offer or  field measurement we are available on the  telephone +386 (0) 31 640 192.



In addition to the products from our
own programs, we offer companies as
well as individuals the manifactoring
of products by client's wishes.

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