A fashion accessory or protection in the kitchen?

As a rule, the kitchen apron protects the user from stubborn stains when cooking. Depending on the type of workmanship and the model of the cut the aprons are divided by items. Within each individual model we provide a wide range of fabrics that change over the year according to the season and trends that dictate the fashion world. There are more models available, from smaller ones, designed for short types, to bigger ones for larger chefs. Neither should we forget here to protect our youngest members, who make their way into the kitchen. In order to ensure easy maintenance, aprons are often made from a mixture of cotton and polyester or polyester only.

Depending on the client's preference and type of use, bigger numbers of aprons are made according to the wishes and dimensions of the customer.


In addition to the products from our
own programs, we offer companies as
well as individuals the manifactoring
of products by client's wishes.

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